YUP I'm Catholic!

St. Rita Youth Ministry (Y.U.P. Young and Unified with a Purpose) aims to encourage youth to make Christian choices by instilling in them the values and vision of the Catholic doctrine through spiritual, social outreach programs, to grow in their faith and to become participating members through involvement in our parish community. Our goal is to help our children develop their relationship with God and to better understand themselves in the Catholic faith.

  • Grow spiritually, help the youth as related to their spiritual life, college choice, and vocation choice, social and family relationships

  • Encourage the youth to appreciate their gifts, and challenge them to share those gifts with our parish community.

  • Encourage the youth to participate in ministries of spiritual growth and fellowship such as retreats, leadership workshops, CCD classes, and serving as lectors, Eucharistic ministers, ushers/hospitality, members of the choir, and in Spiritual dance.

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