Mass Times

Sunday Rosary 1030AM
  Mass 11AM
Tuesday Mass 11AM
Thursday Mass 11AM
Saturday Anticipation Mass 6PM
Sunday Mass Livestream https://bit.ly/3zOi2wR  
Holy Days   see bulletin


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St. Rita Catholic Church

1733 Dr. Andrew J. Brown Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46202

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  • Sun, Jul 14th

  • Sun, Jul 7th

St. Rita's Mission Statement

We the parish of St. Rita, a Catholic Community of Faith are called by the risen Lord to love God the Father. 

We believe that Ministry is the power of the Holy Spirit, therefore, we encourage, support, and provide opportunities, so that everyone may participate in and be recipients of the Church’s Mission Ministry. 

We aspire to deepen our understanding of Christ’s Good News and to Serve our neighbor of the Gospel. 

We realize the necessity and accept the responsibility of supporting ourselves as a parish.

We invite everyone to join in celebrating and witnessing the presence of the risen Lord among us.

St. Rita Staff

Parish Administrator Fr. Jean Bosco Ntawugashira CMM
Pastoral Associate to be announced
Deaconate Deacon Oliver Jackson
Parish Council Chair to be announced
Finance Council Chair Sharon Edwards
DRE/Youth Ministry Director Anita Bardo
Management & Operations Marty Ray
Administrative Assistant Denise Gavia-Currin
Bookkeeper Angela Guynn
Music Director to be announced
Activity Coordinator Vivian Hill
Website/Social Media Susan Hines


Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Telephone: 317-632-9349

Email Address: stritasecretary71@yahoo.com

Fr Jean Bosco is available by appointment on Tuesday/Thursday